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How does Premium Handset Protection® help me?

  • File a claim or replace your device

    If something goes wrong with your device, let us know what happened. In most cases, we’ll send you a replacement.

  • Save money

    As a Premium Handset Protection customer, your deductible is only a fraction of the full retail price for a new device.

  • Get reconnected, quickly

    If we send you a replacement, you'll receive it as soon as the next business day so you can reconnect to your world.

Enjoy peace of mind.

You’re covered against loss, theft, physical damage, liquid damage, and mechanical or electrical breakdown after the manufacturer's warranty period has expired. For fast and convenient replacement, file a claim online anytime. You’ll receive a replacement device as soon as the next business day, in most cases.

Need to upload claim documents?

If we need more information from you and have requested documentation for your claim, you can upload it here. By providing documentation, you'll help us protect the security of your claim.

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